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Work Culture

We strive to integrate a healthy work culture that weaves together the best attributes of all the people who work at AAC.

With more than 7 countries represented, we are proud to have employees that represent the best that these countries have to offer.

We are also sensitive to the Japanese culture from our parent company. We have decorated a portion of our
lobby area in the Japanese
style to bring a bit of that culture to our plant here
in KY.

As an extension of our work culture, we participate in and contribute to a variety of communty programs:


We are committed to the education of people of all ages.  AAC has donated money and resources to:  Hunter Hills Family Resource Center, HS Cheerleading, Leadership Tri-County, Girls Softball and Soccer, Student Nurses Assoc., Laurel Co. Adult Education, and many local Schools for special projects.

Civic & Community
We help make a difference by supporting social services and health causes.  AAC has supported:  The Bennett Center, Girl & Boy Scouts, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Multiple Sclerosis, Children’s Miracle Network, The Optimist Club, MDA, Laurel Co. Fair, London Rescue Squad, World Chicken Festival, and the NIBROC Festival.

Arts & Culture
We believe in the support of arts & culture programs for children.  We accomplish this through such projects as:  Clay Co. HS Rodeo Club, Trooper Island State Police, Scott Rose Foundation, and annual sponsor of the Fine Arts Assoc.

AAC believes in promoting environmentally sustainable practices.  Primary areas of focus include the conservation of water and energy and the reduction of landfills. 

Recently we changed our die cast cooling processes from water quenching to air cooling. We have also reduced our waste to landfill by 69% through recycling programs of cardboard and paper.  We regularly inspect the area around our facility for litter pickup, and we support educational efforts to encourage litter prevention. Our annual usage of 38,000,000 pounds of raw material comes from 100% recycled aluminum and we request that every supplier work towards becoming more environmentally friendly through ISO-14001 certification. 



Brian Walter


Fulfilling Social Responsibility as a Member of Society

Aisin Automotive Casting established the Aisin Automotive Casting Principles of Cooperate Behavior, which specifically outline its fundamental management stance for fulfilling its social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. With the goal of ensuring proper conduct in all corporate activities as a member of society, Aisin Automotive Casting is strengthening its compliance by updating the education and training in legal affairs to ensure that employees adhere to laws and social rules and manners and establishing hotlines for questions, concerns and suggestions from employees. June, 2008

Aisin Automotive Casting Principles of Corporate Behavior

We conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner, and observe both the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations applying to our activities both domestically and overseas in accordance with the following ten (10) principles. We strive to exist not only as an economic entity designed to pursue profits through fair competition, but also as a social entity which must make a contribution to society at large.

  1. Customer Satisfaction & Product Quality and Development: We will gain the satisfaction and trust of customers, consumers and users by developing and offering safe products and services that are beneficial to society.
  2. Adherence to Laws and Regulations in the Conduct of Our Business: We will compete in a fair and open manner. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and be socially responsible in conducting our business. We will also maintain ethical relationships with government officials.
  3. Information and Communications: We will make available to our stakeholders and the general public our corporate information in a proactive and fair manner.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: Recognizing that how we deal with our environment is of critical importance to our business, we will proactively and positively address environmental issues.
  5. Corporate Citizenship: As a “good corporate citizen,” we will actively contribute to the civic activities in our local communities.
  6. Respect for Our Employees: We will provide our employees with a safe, enjoyable and productive work environment, and will respect each employee as a unique individual.
  7. No Relationship with Threats to Public Order or Safety: We will not maintain relationships with individuals or groups that promote illegal activities or threaten public order or safety.
  8. Respect for Local Customs: We will conduct our international business in a manner that is respectful of each country’s culture and customs and contributes to its development.
  9. Promotions of Principles: Our senior management will promote these Principles to all parties concerned. Senior management will also actively and regularly solicit input from our employees and the general public, establish a productive and efficient organizational structure, and ensure that our employees understand their obligation to uphold all applicable legal and ethical standards.
  10. Enforcement of Corporate Principles: If there is a violation of applicable law or these Principles, our senior management will strive to identify and resolve the underlying issues and institute appropriate measures to correct such issues. Senior management will also promptly and accurately make appropriate disclosures to the general public.
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